We take efficient action with your budget.

Unlike many promotion companies who poorly use the client's budget, we have built this platform on a basis of good service and trust. As our client, we want you to develop trust over time with the curators, the platform, and our artist services team.

As a label, you have many options of becoming apart of Plvylists, while using Plvylists to grow the artists within the label, helping them reach a wider organic audience through playlists on several platforms.

We make playlisting easy on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Youtube, Tidal, Audiomack, and more!

Check out our promotions over at: plvylists.com/promo

As a label, how to benefit from Plvylists?

The most popular packages for labels is our Go Starter or Go Pro package over at the Go Premium page: plvylists.com/gopremium

As a label, Go Premium helps the label save money, receive 24/7 communication and be on a subscription basis so you automatically receive new playlist slots every month on the same day, regardless if you have other campaigns running already. If you are subscribed, you will receive playlist slots the same day you signed up, for every month, until cancelled. You save about 60% of your budget with our top Go Premium packages.

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