Our team spends thousands of hours every month authenticating playlists, reaching out to curators and speaking to the largest playlist influencers in the music industry.

We make sure that all the playlists within our network are active, organic, grown authentically and over time. We are always looking for new playlists to add to our network and our catalogue currently sits just over 3,000+ total playlists for you to be added to.

We don't waste time placing songs in playlists that are not active, we have a strict guidelines to maximize each playlist campaign. These guidelines include:

  • 10,000+ playlist followers
  • Above average engagement ratio (5% or more)
  • Active for at least 3 months
  • Authenticated and Verified by our team

If you order a playlist campaign with us, you can be assured that your song will be placed in authentic playlists branded and curated by us. This will make sure your song performs well on the algorithm 

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