It's common to start a playlist campaign with us and wonder how long it will take for your song to be placed in a playlist. On average, it takes 12-72 hours.

My campaign is delayed, what should I do? Am I missing time on my campaign?

The thing is, you have nothing to worry about, the playlist campaign does not officially start the 30 day countdown until you receive a confirmation email from us! Once we send you the email with all the playlist links that your song was added to, that means your campaign officially started. We will always tell you the date when your campaign will end.

Please follow this checklist to make sure everything with your submission was filled out correctly:

  • Provide a valid email address where we can contact you - This doesn't need to be your payment email).
  • Provide a valid "track" link in your submission order - We don't approve album links, please submit the track link to only one song. Make sure to copy the song link, not the album link.

If both of these are correct and your song was delayed more than 72 hours, it could mean one of the following:

  • Not enough curators have approved your song yet - If this is the case, you will receive an email stating that the campaign could be delayed for another 24 hours. You can always request a refund if the wait is too long, as delays could take up to 1-2 weeks based on the quality of the song, genre, and artist popularity.¬†
  • Your song link is not released yet - If you sent in a submission and the song is not released yet, then you must wait for a confirmation on the day it comes out. If you schedule a release with us, our system automatically schedules it for the day it comes out (based on the information you provided us). Please do not request a refund because your campaign has not started if the song was just released, it takes around 72 hours on average to get a song in the playlists.
  • Your campaign is a large playlist package - If your campaign has 25+ playlists to be added to, the songs could take up to a week to be added in the campaign. Please be patient with us and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions during the wait.
  • There is a long wait list - If there is a long wait list, you will receive an email from us at the 72 hour mark if your song is waitlisted for a playlist. In this stage, you are not eligible for a refund since the budget would have already been sent out to the curator.
  • Your song was not approved - This never happens, but if no curators have approved your song in 72 hours, we will email you with a few options: 1. Change the song link, 2. Change the genre of the submission, 3. Request a Refund¬†

Note: If your campaign has not started after 1 week, there is no reason to be concerned, just contact us at To get a fast response, please provide your order number and your song link (if you don't have an order number provide the email you put in the "Contact Email" submission field).

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