Everyday, we receive 100+ requests to get playlists added to our network. Due to our strict guidelines, we filter out the best playlists for our clients in order to ensure that the submissions we receive are gaining the best traction.

We don't own any of the playlists that we accept submissions to! 

You cannot pay to get your song on a playlist made by Plvylists. We only hand pick the best submissions to be on our official Plvylists playlist network.

Note: When you place a campaign, the budget is being sent out to other curators who are in turn placing your song in their playlists.

What is Plvylist's role with those other playlists?

  • We help curators reach a new audience of artists and fans.
  • We help curators earn an income from having a legitimate playlist.
  • We brand and create cover arts/descriptions for our curators' playlists.

Your song will be placed in a playlist created by an independent curator who has partnered with us after successfully completing our Authentication process.

To read more about our Authentication process, please click here.

To read more about how many streams your song will receive, please click here.

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