Our team is focused on ensuring that each campaign is successful. We can only do this if the streams are organic, songs are being listened to and artists are given a real chance to convert listeners into fans using their budget.

Through our Authentication Process, our team is confident that we are able to partner with playlists who can successfully deliver the target reach of people. We do not guarantee streams, but we guarantee reach. Your music will be placed on a platform where you can potentially reach a maximum of certain number of people.

Does that mean that my campaign will only reach a maximum number of streams based on the total reach of potential fans? "How many streams will my song get?"

No. Since we do not guarantee streams, our team puts an extra effort to track each individual campaign throughout the 30-day period to ensure that we are hitting the average projection based on 15,000+ campaigns run in 2019. We use previous data from successful campaigns to help set a benchmark for all our campaigns.

On average, we target around 5,000-10,000 streams per playlist considering we only approve playlists with 10,000+ to our premium curator network.

Based on the playlist size, our Analytics team tracks the campaigns of each artist throughout the month to ensure that the growth is consistent, streams are organic and the song is triggering the algorithm. This is why our service is different, this is why we have tons of successful campaigns.

Note: There are many playlist companies who claim they can "grow your streams" overnight but they have no social outreach. Plvylists is the world's largest cross platform curation network, with real fans across 7 different platforms, including Youtube (147K subscribers), Instagram (118K followers) and more.

We are not affiliated with any social or streaming platform. Plvylists is an independent entity acting solely as a submission and discovery hub for reputable playlists.

Our platform started off as a chain of music networks that offered exposure for free. We built a system over time to be more efficient with processing submissions and after 3-4 years of constant development, we've been able to build a system that works.

If you'd like to know how to start a campaign, please click here.

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